DNA Testing: 5 Practical Things You Can Learn About Your Health - MM#40

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Want to be a (beginner) biohacker and optimize your health and longevity?

For $500, you can now:

·      Get your genome sequenced - your personalized DNA report - for $100

·      Get your DNA report read by a doctor who can give you personalized nutrition, sleep and workout advice for $400


I had my DNA tested using an at-home spit sample kit provided by 23andMe.

Once the report was ready, I sent the raw data to Dr. Anthony Jay – our guest from Episode #38: How to Keep Your Dick Healthy Part 2 – for a reading. 

In today’s episode, I share the results of that reading and the benefits I’ve already experienced from my personalized sleep, supplement and diet protocol.


The 5 Practical Things a DNA Test Can Tell You About Your Health

Dr Jay sent me a 14 page report that broke down my genetic coding into 5 practical categories:

  1. Brain Health

  2. Diet

  3. Vitamin/Hormone/Toxins

  4. Workouts

  5. Sleep

Inside of each of these categories Dr. Jay highlighted gene mutations that could indicate:

·      Increased risk of certain diseases (colon cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes)

·      Increased risk of certain ailments (arthritis, anxiety)

·      Sensitivity to certain foods

·      Trouble with my body repairing itself during sleep

So, instead of following generalized advice, Dr. Jay gave me personalized advice based on my genetic makeup.


Within the first 14 days of implementing my personalized protocol, I’ve already seen my deep sleep spike by 33% over its average from the past year (I track sleep using the Oura Ring, considered by the US military to be the world’s most accurate sleep wearable).


In this episode:

·      The 3 major DNA testing companies where you can get your DNA run for $100

·      Ignorance is bliss? Why doing a DNA test may effect your ability to get Life Insurance or Long Term Care

·      The 5 practical categories where you can upgrade your health

·      The most trusted device you can buy to track your health progress

·      Why intermittent fasting, for some people, helps optimize brain functionality

·      Why sauna, 3 days a week at 180 degrees F can help rebalance your hormone system

·      Dominick shares the results from his consultation with Dr. Jay, and the new protocol he’s on



Dominick Quartuccio