5 Practices to Make You a Mentally Tougher Man - MM#39

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“A Man Amongst Men creates environments

where he and others can thrive.”

 This is one of the most actionable – and important – podcasts we’ve recorded to date.

 We’ve got 5 challenging practices that you must use to cultivate your mental and emotional toughness:

  1. Breath Hold Challenge

  2. Daily Cold Shower Challenge

  3. 100 Pushup Challenge

  4. Long Duration, Completely Motionless Meditation

  5. Temporary Abstinence

Download the 5 Practices PDF at www.DoInnerWork.com/5practices

By mental and emotional toughness we mean:

·Your ability to avoid collapsing (distracting, numbing, medicating, rationalizing, withdrawing) when things get tough

 Your ability to maintain your power in the worst of moments

 Your ability to be handle adversity with such integrity that you become a more trustable man to the people who depend on you

Navy SEALS go through Hell Week so that no matter what they face on the battleground, they’re ready for it because of the training they’ve endured.

Every minute of your existence is a potential training ground for improvement.

It’s time to treat it as such.

Download the 5 Practices PDF at www.DoInnerWork.com/5practices

Dominick Quartuccio