How to Keep Your Dick Healthy Part 2 (with Dr. Anthony Jay) - MM#38

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Did you know the average middle aged man today has half the testosterone that the same aged man in the 1940s had?

There may be a #1 culprit for this: Estrogenics.


In addition to causing man-boobs and wilting your erections…

 …this dastardly villain is also responsible for:

1.     Fat Gains

2.     Depression

3.     Hormonal Disruption

4.     Immune Dysfunction

5.     Blood Clotting

6.     Cancer

7.     Infertility


Holy Hell. WTF Are Estrogenics?

 Estrogenics are external estrogen sources that - once consumed, applied to our skins, or inhaled – can throw our hormones way out of whack.

According to Dr. Anthony Jay, author of Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile, and today’s guest, we as a society are swimming in external estrogen sources.

They can be found in our foods, cleaning products, plastics and sunscreens…just to name a few.

The long-term effects of swimming in a sea of estrogenics: obesity, sickness and declining dick health.

In this Episode 

·      Dr. Jay’s top 10 list of Estrogenic Sources to Avoid

·      The two foods every man should avoid (soy is one, but the other is 3 times as loaded with estrogenics)

·      Why you should throw out all of your sunscreens and use 3 alternatives

·      The troubling trend of testosterone decline at the same time as obesity incline

·      Why you should get your testosterone checked annually

·      Why you should not rely on America’s FDA standards and take command of your own purchasing decisions

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