A Good Dad Masters These 5 Life Skills - MM#35

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Today’s episode is specifically for the fathers out there.*

*with a nod to you mothers who have a man you care about.

Even though Bryan and I are not Dads ourselves, we are starting to make more Dad jokes, so we feel we can relate. 

Plus, many of you listeners and readers are Dads, and we want to support you the best way we know how: by giving you access to the experts.


The 5 Life Skills a Good Dad Needs to Master

Larry Hagner runs TheGoodDadProject: Dads with Purpose, On Purpose

In our podcast, he dives deep into the 5 domains a good dad needs to master:

1.    Finances

2.    Health: Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual

3.    Building a Legendary Marriage/Partnership

4.    Forging an Epic Connection with Your Kids

5.    Refining Your Leadership in Your Business

In each of this sections, Larry digs into the real stuff, including:

·      Lukewarm Sex Life to Hot: How he and his wife of 16 years turned an underwhelming love life into one that fires hot (and regularly)

·      Controversial Parenting: The right-of-passage story that Larry calls the “most extreme thing I’ve ever done with my son” 

·      Love Languages…For Kids: Why you should not only know your wife’s Love Language, but your kids’ as well


Who Is Larry Hagner and The Good Dad Project?

A devoted husband of 16 years and loving father of 4 boys under the age of 13…

…Larry is a humble, self-proclaimed non-expert of husbandry/parenting who has managed to reach over a million people with his work with fathers.  


His podcast The Dad Edge – has over 1 million downloads.

Must listen episodes:

·      Jocko Willink (the legendary Navy SEAL)

·      Cal Newport author of NY Times Best Seller Digital Minimalism

·      Dominick Quartuccio (maybe you’ve heard of him…)


His Facebook Group has over 12,000 members.

He’s built a thriving mastermind of over 300 fathers (the Dad Edge Alliance) who are doing regular inner work through a paid membership. 

Larry has over 5,000 hours of leading and coaching fathers.


Larry’s Free Resources

 The Quick Guide to Improving the Connection with Your Kids (Free Download)

9 Simple Ways To Have: Unlimited Patience, Deeper Connections and Relationships, and Creating a Positive Lasting Memories (Free Download)

The Quick Guide to Improving Intimacy with Your Spouse (Free Download)


Dominick Quartuccio