How to Find Your Purpose, Volume 1: Becoming Interesting - MM#27

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One of the questions Bryan and I get asked most is:

How do I find my purpose?

The question comes with consternation and in two forms:

1. You have no idea what your purpose is (that feels helpless)

2. You have a general sense of the direction, but don’t know exactly what it is or how to get at it…you just know it’s not what you’re doing right now (that feels frustrating).

With all this pressure to find your purpose, you inadvertently push it away.

This is Part One of a multiple part series on how to find your purpose.

This episode starts with: How to Become Interesting.  

In this episode:

·      The resume is dead; your level of influence and creativity is what matters

·      How to become interesting even if you don’t feel you have a “share-worthy life”

·      How to develop what “your thing” is that will set you apart

·      How fear of “looking weird” is an invisible anti-purpose prison cell

·      How to find your tribe of “weird like me”

·      How “gross over consuming” of information is preventing you from finding purpose

·      Why “following what gives you energy” trumps “finding purpose” every day of the week

·      How to keep putting “energy giving” arrows into your quiver…leading to your purpose

·      Why “assimilation” to your business and/or social cultures keeps you from purpose

Dominick Quartuccio