Reaction to Paul Brunson Interview (Billionaire Habits from a Man With 10 Businesses) - MM#26

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This is Bryan and my reaction to the interview with Paul Brunson that we released earlier this week - Billionaire Habits from a Man with 10 Businesses.

After we release our interviews with our guests, Bryan and I often get asked:

  • What did you think about what guest XYZ had to say?

  • Do you agree with their position on ABC?

  • What did you find most interesting?

So in this "Reaction" episode, we answer those questions.

We review some of Paul's greatest hits:

  • Our thoughts on getting up at 4:30am to start a morning routine

  • How his 3 step process for reading 100 books a year has influenced our reading habits

  • What we learned from taking a marriage on the rocks to a sex life that included 3-5 times a week

If you like this extra "reaction" conversation and want us to do more, let us know:

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  • Simply put this in the subject line: "Do more reaction podcasts!"

Dominick Quartuccio