10 Ways Your Evening Routine is Sabotaging You - MM#30

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You guys are still really digging the 11 ideas for your morning routine podcast.  

Now you’re asking:

“What do I do about my evening routine (it’s a disaster!)”

If your evening routine is a disaster – and as you’ll hear in this podcast, Bryan’s is an unmitigated disaster – then your morning will suffer, as will the rest of your day.

 Your morning and evening routines are the bookends of your day.

They determine the quality of the 16, 17, 18 waking hours in between.

Let’s tighten that shit up.

In This Episode:

·      An unforgiving inventory of Bryan’s disaster of an evening routine

·      Dominick’s 3 stages of his evening routine

1.    Shut down today

2.    Set up tomorrow

3.    Wind it down for sleep

Best Sleep Practices/Tools

1.    Room Temperature at 68 degrees

2.    Chilipad Bed Cooling Technology

3.    Swannies Blue Blocking Night Glasses

4.    Gravity Weighted Blanket

5.    Melatonin 3mg


I also ask you the following questions:

1.    Do you consciously choose when to go to sleep, or do you pass out?

2.    Do you have a regular window (75% of the time) when you go to sleep (ie between 9:00-10:30pm)?

3.    Do you look at your calendar for the next day sometime in the last 2-3 hours before bed?

4.    What’s the very last thing you do before you turn the lights out?

5.    Do you reflect on the day you just had (wins, losses, gratitudes, insights)?

6.    Do you set an intention/goals for the next day?

7.    Do you use your cell phone as your alarm clock?

8.    Most nights, when is your last meal/snack.

9.    How much time do you spend in bed…before you fall asleep? (ie get into bed at 10:00pm but look at phone until 11:15-midnight).

10.Do you take sleeping medication?

Dominick Quartuccio