Billionaire Habits from a Father with 10 Businesses (with Paul Brunson)- MM#25

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Paul Brunson and I were speaking at the same conference when I heard him describe his morning routine, which culminated in:

“Also, my wife and I are intimate 3-5 times a week…in the morning.”

 I promptly said, “I need you on our podcast.”


Interesting Facts About Paul

·      Oprah Winfrey served as his mentor and offered him a show on her network

·      He’s interviewed more billionaires than any other journalist

·      As a matchmaker, he was called the "real life Hitch” (referring to the Will Smith movie)

·      He runs 10 businesses

·      He reads 100 books a year

·      He and his wife of 18 years are intimate 3-5 times a week (even with two young children!)


Favorite Quotes from the Podcast:


“Powerful men make the worst decisions at night when the cup is empty.”


“Successful people don’t tolerate what’s toxic for long.”

“LinkedIn today is the Instagram of 2015.” (why you should be building a platform on LinkedIn).


In this Episode:

  • “Billionaire Habits” that you can implement in your morning routine

  • How Paul transformed a sexless marriage on the brink of disaster…to 3-5 days of intimacy per week

  • A 3 step “active-reading” process that helps Paul read and retain 100 books a year

  • Why there’s “no such thing as balance” and only “integration and alignment” matter to living a life of your own design

  • How to do a “purge” of the inputs that are no longer serving you (news, social media, television shows, people)

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