How to (and Why) Take 10 Days Off from Masturbation - MM#29

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I recently stumbled across an “article title generator” website.

Since the topic of this week’s podcast is masturbation, I figured it would be the perfect time to test it out the “article title generator.”   

So I typed in the word “masturbation,” and promptly got 231 responses.

Here are my 5 favorite:

5. Masturbation – the Ultimate Convenience!

4. 5 Oddball Tips on Masturbation

3. A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Masturbation And How to Avoid It

2. The Idiot’s Guide to Masturbation

1. 7 Cut Throat Masturbation Tactics That Never Fail


So why do an entire episode on masturbation (when you’re an expert already, thank you very much)?


Well, it turns out that your un-inspected masturbation habits may have some side effects:

·      Lessened desire to have real sex

·      Decreased creative energy and life force

·      Potentially secretive fantasies that inadvertently cause guilt/shame

·      A guaranteed way to go to hell


Ok, I made that last one up to tweak those of you with lingering Catholic guilt (I know the feeling!).


Fellas, chances are you’ve masturbated thousands of times in your life.

Have you ever really given it a thought as to what impact this behavior might have on your sex life or your drive for life?

In this Episode:

·      Why I stopped masturbating for 4 years, what I learned, and why I’m back on the sauce

·      Why it’s not a coincidence that some of my biggest, boldest changes in life (leaving a lucrative financial services job to start my own business) came during my masturbation and porn abstinence period

·      How to create your own 10-day temporary abstinence from masturbation practice

·      Is masturbation draining your desire to have real sex?

·      Are your masturbation habits draining your life force, passion and drive to create?

·      Do you know what triggers you to need/want to masturbate?

·      How much masturbation is too much?

·      Young Bryan makes a pact with God to never masturbate again…if God allows him to catch a fish

·      We share the survey results of 50 men aged 22-50 where we asked the following 4 questions:


1.     How old were you when you learned to masturbate?

2.    How did you learn how to masturbate?  

3.    What are 3 words to describe your very first experience of masturbation?

4.    Paint the picture of how that first experience went down.


Favorite Quotes:

“We have this potential weapon of mass destruction that dangles between our legs, and we stumble upon the launch codes at a very early age without any good guidance or direction.”

“Once I discovered masturbation, it was like sitting on an endless pile of heroin. I could pull on that crank at any time, and all my worries would go away.”

 “It was there, it was hard, and it wouldn’t go away. So I did what any rational human would do: I tugged on it a few hundred times.”

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