Fearless Sexual Inventories: Real Stories from Our Listeners Doing Inner Work: MM#28

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If you’ve been a regular listener of our podcast, you’re probably used to Bryan and I spilling our guts all over the interwebs about some pretty personal stuff.

 Namely, my journey through Sex Addicts Anonymous, 4 years off of porn and masturbation, and Bryan’s experience being diagnosed with testicular cancer and chlamydia on the same day. 

This episode is special because for the first time, we’re sharing YOUR stories.

Two of our podcast listeners, let’s call them David and Ricky, have courageously and graciously consented to sharing their stories:  

David’s Story:

·      Early 40s, married, two kids, SVP of a Fortune 100 financial services firm

·      Porn became his default after his wife’s desire for sex waned after having children

·      Saddened by the loss of intimacy with his wife but perversely happy to have the air cover to dive into the private world of porn

·      Listened to our podcasts on temporary Porn Abstinence and Sex Addiction

·      For the first time in his life took a month long abstinence from porn and masturbation

·      Experienced clarity and energy like he never had before

·      Was eventually able to have a loving and transparent conversation with his wife about all of this


Ricky’s Story:

·      Early 40s, single, successful entrepreneur with a high-profile online presence

·      Slept with over 300 women

·      In his 20’s he mastered the “art of seduction,” and learned how to perform in and out of the bedroom in a way that women would praise

·      Could never hold a relationship longer than 3-6 months

·      Would always end up cheating or being cheated on

·      Now has difficult performing sexually and describes himself as a poor lover

·      Wants a loving relationship with children but keeps repeating the same broken cycle in his relationships


Both of these would be classified as “normal” men by the outside world.

Before hearing my history of sexual addiction, David never thought he had anything he needed to look at when it came to his sex life. Then he took command.

Ricky knew he had something wrong, but didn’t know where to turn.

Each of these men are sharing their stories as an act of service to you, our listeners, so that you may find guidance and support along the way.

If you have a story you’d be willing to share, please email me: Dominick@DominickQ.com

None of your personal details will be shared without your consent.



Dominick Quartuccio