Meditation for The Busy Skeptic (with Cory Muscara) - MM#24

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This episode on meditation is for you if you’ve ever said:

·      I’ve tried meditating but I can’t clear my mind

·      I’ve tried meditating but I can’t sit still that long

·      I don’t have time for meditation

·      My life is too busy and chaotic to have a regular meditation practice

·      Meditation feels like work

·      Meditation doesn’t do anything for me

·      Running/Cooking/Gardening is my meditation…

 …then this episode is for you.

This is a beginner’s guide for those of you who are interested in establishing a regular practice but don’t know how, or you’ve been frustrated by failed attempts in the past.


Who is Cory Muscara?

 Cory Muscara is one of THE most important ambassadors of mindfulness in this country, because he’s taken this millenniums-old practice and made it accessible for the busy modern professional.

 Here’s a little bit about Cory:

·      He’s the #1 most downloaded meditation instructor on the app Simple Habit

·      He’s been featured on the Dr. Oz show

·      He’s toured and spoken alongside Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier

·      He runs the Long Island Center for Meditation

·      He spent 6 months in silent meditation in Burma living as a monk and meditating up to 20 hours a day.

In other words, this man knows his shit.

So much so, I took my 72 year mother and 75 year old father – neither of whom had meditated in their lives – to Cory’s 3 day meditation retreat.

They were begrudging going in.

They came out the other side different people.

My father has been meditating every day since.

For those of you seasoned meditators, there’s still plenty of wisdom in this episode for you as well, by the very nature of the depth of Cory’s work.


A photo of Momma Q, Poppa Q, me and Cory.

Dominick Quartuccio