Locker Room Talk (except if we were actually telling the truth...) MM#21

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Guys say a lot of stuff about their bedroom escapades when they’re around their buddies.

Most of it’s exaggerated, doctored up for laughs or fundamentally edited for saving face.

How about a little locker room talk…but if we were actually telling the truth?

In this episode, Bryan and I open up about the mishaps, miscues and untimely mr. softies from our (not-so-prolific) love lives…

In this episode: 

Why Do Men Classify Sex as a “Performance?”: You don’t often hear women talking about sex as a “performance,” so why do we? We unpack the reasons why, and highlight why “performing” gets in the way of having amazing sex with your partner.  

How to Handle Going Soft: Have you ever gotten so in your head that you went softer than a Rachel McAdams flick? How to have a conversation with your partner, in the moment, that allows you short-circuit the shame spiral.

The Two Words Never Say to a Man Amidst a “Performance Issue.” Why we coach women to forever strike “what’s wrong” from their vocabulary when their man isn’t in full-on beast mode.

DQ’s Inability to Get It Up. My painfully candid story about not being able to get it up, how I was confronted with the disappointed “what’s wrong” response from my partner, and how the situation took a 180 degree turn into an amazing experience.

The Feux-gasm. Bryan digs the dirt on faking orgasm in his earlier years. Yes, as I learned, a fake male orgasm is apparently possible. I ask the tough questions on how (and why the hell) he pulled it off.

The 3 Reasons Men Take ED Pills. According to a doctor, only two of the reasons are actually ED related. 

The 3 Rungs of the Ladder of Sexual Performance. We introduce a simple mental model to help you understand how deep into “performing” (vs. connecting) you may be, and how to navigate to higher ground.

An excellent complement to this episode is last week’s interview with Dr. Amy B Killen, an anti-aging and regenerative medicine doctor who went into all matters of physical dick health for today, tomorrow and decades into the future.

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