7 Questions Women Asked Us - MM#22

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This time the tables are turned on Bryan and I.

Women’s coach and Aussie phenom Monica Yates interviews us on the things her community wants to know (she sourced the questions from her Instagram followership).

Her followership is:

·      Primarily Female

·      Typically between the ages of 20-35

·      Mostly Entrepreneurs

Her audience asked Bryan and I the following questions:

·      What was the hardest thing growing up as a male?

·      Do guys like it more when women take control sexually?

·      How do I get my man to open up to me?

·      Why don’t more guys approach women in bars?

·      Early on in dating, how can a woman tell when a man is for real, and not just reciting lines?

·      What advice do you have for a business woman who’s more successful than her man, and he’s feeling like “not enough” because of it?

·      What do Bryan and I look for in a woman?


This episode has been edited down from the original full-length recording, which you can find on Monica’s podcast: Feminine as F*ck by Clicking Here

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