Gina DiNapoli - The Celebrity Fitness Instructor Who Eats 5 Jars of Peanut Butter a Week- MM#18


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Gentlemen, one of our intentions is to regularly expose you to powerful women.

In particular, women who lead communities of other women.

Why? Because what goes on inside of these communities are typically a mystery to men…and this is where all the gold is…


Gina DiNapoli is one of New York City’s fastest-rising celebrity fitness instructors.

She exploded onto the scene in early 2018 after winning an American Idol-esque open tryout for instructors in NYC’s most exclusive fitness club – Equinox.

She developed her own signature kickboxing program – Jabs by Gina – which has taken off like a supernova. Her community of “Jabbers” are fiercely loyal and active.

Now, in a city with infinite workout classes, Gina’s sell out as quickly as a Beyoncé concert (1 second after online registration opens, no joke).

She’s become so popular that at the age of 25, Equinox selected her as 1 of 4 national brand ambassadors to represent the present and future direction of their club. 

Gina ran a private workout for Bryan and I and put us through the gauntlet (Bryan nearly blacked out afterwards). But after only one session, she managed to lead two clumsy guys to get synchronized in kickboxing choreography. That’s the mark of a skilled instructor.

What we love about Gina, in addition to the fact she eats 4-5 jars of peanut butter a week, is that she’s a magnet for empowered, supportive women who get shit done 

In this episode, Gina taught us:

·      Grabbing The Impossible Through Tenacious, Aligned Action: How Gina tenaciously created her own position at the most exclusive fitness club with zero formal training and after facing multiple rejections

·      Developing a Rabid Followership: How Gina sells out her classes in 1 second and why some of her followers take up to 3 of her classes per day

·      Replacing Skinny with Strong: How Gina’s gotten her followers to shift from “I want to be skinny” to “I want to feel strong and confident.”

Enjoy the Gina DiNapoli interview, our first of many powerful women to come.

Dominick Quartuccio