Dr. Amy Killen - Practical (and Cutting Edge Steps) to Optimal Men's Sexual Health - MM#20

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This is your episode for all things that concern the physical health of your dick today, tomorrow and the many decades to come.

Dr. Amy B Killen is a physician of anti-aging and regenerative medicine and an outspoken champion of proactive sexual health.

Some of the highest-performing men in the world have come to her for proactive treatments for sexual health, including: 

 In this episode:

·      A 101 overview on Testosterone and how it effects your libido

·      Why you should take proactive steps to improve your sexual health (even if you’re currently healthy as a horse)

·      Practical habits and practices to keep your dick strong

·      Unveiling the #1 cause of (physical) erectile dysfunction

·      How declining dick strength might actually be a sign forewarning you of potential future heart issues

·      The science behind lifestyle habits (like sleep and stress) and how they can enhance – or erode – sexual health

·      Why men shouldn’t jump to “the pills” (Viagra, Cialis) before understanding all of their natural options for improving sexual health

·      Understanding cutting-edge technologies like GAINSWave that blast your dick with sound waves and open the blood chambers for stronger erections

·      Reviewing “The P-Shot,” a stem-cell injection in the penis that purportedly regenerates sensitivity and erection strength

·      Why regularly using Listerine might eventually kill your erections

·      How to measure your dick, according to a doctor

Amy is also a wife, mother of 3 and a wonderful woman who’s a personal friend to both Bryan and I.

Enjoy this light-hearted and informative deep dive on optimizing your sexual health. 

Website: Dr Amy B Killen

Instagram: @dr.amybkillen

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