Morning Routines: 11 Ideas to Design Your Own - MM#13

Morning Routines: 11 Ideas to Design Your Own

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Your morning routine determines the quality of the 16, 17, 18 hours that follow.

Your morning routine is like the mental and emotional outfit you put on first thing and wear all-day. 

Yet most people have never intentionally designed their morning routine to set them up for the day ahead.

If your morning routine is rushed, buried in emails and stressful...what energy do you think you're bringing to the rest of the day that follows?

  • Bryan and Dominick dissect the morning routines of 3 of the most productive people - Jeff Bezos, Tim Ferriss and Stephen King - and why the start to their day is so essential to the power and peace of mind they bring to the rest of their waking hours.

  • Dominick and Bryan share the evolution of their morning routines - from Frosted Flakes and Sportscenter in their 20s to Meditation, Journaling and Cold Showers in their 30s. 

  • Finally, Dominick and Bryan equip you with 11 ideas to design and execute your morning routine.

Dominick Quartuccio