Part 3: Daryl Davis - The Black Man Who Attends KKK Rallies - MM#17

Episode #3: Daryl Davis – The Black Man Who Attends KKK Rallies

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 In Part #3:

·      Why most interest groups – like Black Lives Matter – don’t make much progress

·      Daryl’s Contentious Exchange with Black Lives Matter Leaders Almost Led to Blows (from the documentary)

·      How Daryl Davis Thinks Donald Trump is the Best Thing That Happened to this Country

·      Daryl’s candid thoughts on Black Lives Matter

·      Daryl’s final words of wisdom on how to create change in those who disagree with or even hate you

Daryl Davis, a black man, attends KKK rallies, befriends its members, and through these unlikely friendships, he has influenced over 200 of those men to leave the Klan.

In a time when we can’t discuss Coke vs. Pepsi without coming to fisticuffs, Daryl has somehow managed to get men who want him obliterated from the face of the earth…to eventually give up their hatred, ideology and community because of Daryl’s influence.

He’s collected the robes and hoods of men like Roger Kelly – the former Imperial Wizard (the president) of Maryland – and intends to open a museum with Klan memorabilia.

The central question that has driven his life: “How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?”

Daryl is a TEDx superstar, with 4 talks totaling over 4 million views, and lecturer to universities and businesses all over the globe.

He’s also a musician (his #1 love) who’s played with Chuck Berry, an actor in one of the best TV shows of all time (The Wire) and an author of Klandestine Relationships.

He also has a documentary about his work with the KKK called Accidental Courtesy.

We could think of no better person who embodies what it means to be A Man Amongst Men, and as such, Daryl is our very first interview on the Man Amongst Men podcast. 

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