Women Teach Men - MM#14

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Fellas, we've taken your toughest questions about dating, cultivating passionate sex during marriage and navigating masculinity in the #MeToo era and solicited the wisdom of women experts, including:

A prominent matchmaker, an executive coach to women and a polyamorous poet.

We've gone straight to the source, and they've answered questions like:

"What do I do when my wife keeps turning me down for sex?"

"Why are women so confusing...saying they want me to be a MAN one minute and sensitive the next?"

"How do I remain persistent, assertive and masculine during the #MeToo era"

In this episode:

  • The 2 feelings every woman want their man to provide...that seem to be contradictory and confusing to men...and how to become one of the man amongst men who knows how to provide both. 

  • Amy Van Doran, a Matchmaker who has conducted 7,000 candidate interviews over 10 years, tells us the 1 feeling women are seeking on the first date...and why what makes a man great at work makes them suck on a date. 

  • Lauren Baptiste, an executive coach to women, teaches us that stress hormones cannibalize a woman's sex hormones...and gives us 4 ways to becoming a magician at reducing your partner's stress.

Dominick Quartuccio