The Making of a Sex Addict (Part 1): Dominick's 4 Years in Sex Addicts Anonymous - MM #4

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Dominick here.

Throughout my entire life, my private world of addiction stood in stark contrast to the public image I allowed the world to see of me.

Until the two worlds collapsed.

From 2013 to 2017, I confronted a lifelong addiction I kind of knew I had, but never wanted to admit.

This post and podcast (link below) is my first time publicly bringing these two worlds – public and private – fully into alignment.


While we’ve come a long way in supporting the efforts of those who confront their battles with alcoholism and drug abuse…

…the addiction I speak of is far less understood and seems to carry a special brand of stigma:

Sex addiction.

Some people don’t think it’s a real thing.

Others conjure up images of creepy men in trench coats at playgrounds.

Other people see it as an aspiration. “Too much sex? I’d love to have THAT problem…”

In sharing my story privately for 6 years, I’ve realized not only how much misinformation exists around this topic…

…I’ve also been amazed to learn how many “normal” people are secretly struggling with their own behaviors and questions they have about their intimate lives.

Even more surprisingly, I’ve been met with far more acceptance than I ever could’ve imagined at the outset.

This has given me the courage and inspiration to share my story – in the spirit of allowing others to feel the same level of acceptance and hope I have.


Bryan and I have recorded a two part podcast series of my journey with Sex Addiction.

We’re calling Part One: THE MAKING OF A SEX ADDICT

We unpack:

- the events and conditions of my early years that created a secret private life
- my private and public lives that I would manage separately for decades 
- the collateral damage to the relationships in my life
- what it was like going to my first 12 step meeting
- what it was like abstaining from pornography for 4 years
- what it was like abstaining from masturbation for 4 years

MEN: If you’ve ever felt elements of your sex life are secretive, chaotic, wrong, burdened by guilt/shame or escalating in a troublesome way…you may find answers, comfort or relief in my story.

WOMEN: If you’ve ever been with a man who seems sexually/emotionally/intimately distant, and you can’t seem to penetrate his walls, you may find answers here.

PARENTS. If you are raising a young man/men, you need to understand the conditions you’re creating in your household and how they are shaping his sexual beliefs and behaviors.

Dominick Quartuccio