Defining Your Manhood: The Essential Questions - MM#8

Defining Your Manhood: The Essential Questions 

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"Be a man...don't be a p____," 

Masculinity is not something we as men are simply given.

It is something we must earn, and then vigilantly maintain over a course of life's actions.

The consequence: We unwittingly build an entire life defending micro-threats to our manhood, even when it goes against our own natural desires.

The result: We live a life of drift.

This episode presents the essential questions for you to ask yourself in order to intentionally define your role as a powerful, intentional man amongst men.  

Also in this Episode:

-       The effect of the “don’t be gay” phenomenon.

-       How to handle the friend who, when it comes to women, only cares about “did you bang her?”

-       Dominick is confronted by a woman who finds one of his Facebook pictures offensive to women. 

Dominick Quartuccio