Sex Addiction (Part 2): Hitting Bottom and Life After Recovery - MM #5

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Healing Sex Addiction and Beyond.

Dominick enters Sex Addicts Anonymous in an attempt to save his relationship with the only woman he's ever loved:

  • Dominick's carefully curated public life and his hidden private life collapse, burying himself and others in the rubble 

  • The eery and humbling experience of walking into the very first Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting and saying "Hi I'm Dominick, and I'm a sex addict."

  • In therapy, Dominick fully discloses all of his transgressions with his girlfriend, complete with a lie detector test at the end 

  • Dominick eventually leaves the relationship, fearful that no other woman will ever want to date a "sex addict" 

  • What it's like re-entering the dating world

  • Dominick abstains from porn and masturbation for 4 years (and what he learned)

  • After 4 years, Dominick leaves SAA to create a newer, healthier relationship with his sexual energy

Dominick Quartuccio