The Discerning Dick

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The Discerning Dick is a monthly live event series focused on generating worthy inquiry and meaningful introspection into the forces that shape a man's sexuality, behavior and intimate relationships.


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Exploring the wisdom of the brain between your legs.

All roads of a man’s identity—masculinity, sexuality, confidence, intimacy—inevitably trace back to his relationship with his D*.

And yet, few men have more than a surface level understanding of the deeper workings of this surprisingly complex—and wise—organ that dangles between his legs.

While the focus is on men, women are very much welcome and an essential part of the conversation.


Our Most Recent Event: 

June 16th, 2019

The Discerning Dick Presents: John Wineland

For our 10th Discerning Dick… 

Bryan and I have the special privilege of bringing OUR teacher – John Wineland – to our community for a special workshop on intimacy.

John Wineland is a world-renowned teacher of masculine leadership and conscious relationships.

Here are some of our favorite video clips of John’s:

What Men Crave

Practices to Align With Your Deepest Purpose

How to Ask Your Man for What You Want

John’s 30 year practice in this field includes 10 years of intensive study under the legendary David Deida, author of The Way of The Superior Man (1 of the 5 most influential books of my - Dominick’s - life).  

 Join us if you’ve ever wanted to take your deeper steps into:

  • The Masculine and Feminine polarities

  • Introductory Tantric Practices

  • Cultivating Spiritual Intimacy with Your Partner

This event was for both individuals and couples.

Don’t miss the next one.



(what to expect)


The “Why” of The Discerning Dick in 3 minutes

Recorded LIVE at our very first Discerning Dick at The Assemblage NoMad in New York City.

  • Dominick reveals his very first encounter with a Playboy magazine at age 8.

  • How Dominick’s first introduction to (previously foreign) sexual sensations unwittingly shaped the trajectory of his sexual life for the next 3 decades.

  • Confronting the reality that the majority of men never do more than a surface level exploration of the potential weapon of mass destruction that dangles between their legs.

For the women: More than half our audience ends up being women.

Take a listen and see how this discussion may connect with you.

(3 min)

Listen to the entire event (40 minute audio)

Listen to ‘The 3 Forces that Drive Every Man’s Sexual Behaviors’:

- Recorded in front of a live audience at The Assemblage NoMad in NYC

- How your early experiences and influences have unwittingly shaped your sexual desires, behaviors and habits (like masturbation & porn)

- How your lack of awareness leads to an underwhelming, chaotic of secretive sex life…and how you can take back command and upgrade the quantity and quality of sex you’re having

- 50 man survey: Hilarious insights and stories from 50 men on their first sexual experiences

For the fathers: If you are a man raising young men, you need to listen to this audio.

(40 min)

A discerning dick “Greatest hit:" Max Stossel

Max Stossel, award winning spoken word poet, delivers a raw, jarring and brilliantly honest poem on his default sex (and masculinity) education: pornography.

Men: Listen to this for a wakeup call on how porn has unwittingly shaped your beliefs about sex.

Women: Listen to this to understand how your partner’s worldview has been shaped by porn.

Parents: If you are raising young men (or women), you need to know how your children will find porn regardless of how hard you try to snuff it out…and what’s at stake if you don’t handle it differently.

Warning: Not at all safe for work ;-)

(6 min)